Build Knowledge Portals with Confluence

“Successful companies of the 21st century will be those who do the best job of capturing, storing, and leveraging what their employees know.”​   — Lew Platt (Hewlett Packard)

Confluence can transform how your team works

Knowledge Management

Capture your team’s knowledge and store in one easy-to-edit space

Connect and Socialize

Encourage all employees, not just your own team members, to share knowledge and information and get crucial feedback.

Project Collaboration

Organize project plans, meeting notes, and meeting schedules all in one place.

Get Going Quickly

Get started quickly and easily with out-of-the-box templates or customize one for your situation to stay consistent.

Integrate Confluence with other Tools

Recent reports indicate that approximately 10,000 Baby Boomers retire from the workforce every day. As these boomers leave, their wealth of knowledge will head out the door with them. Knowledge Portals are web-based solutions that businesses can use to ensure key business processes are passed on to those left behind.

Benefits of using Confluence as a platform for your knowledge base:
  • Easily share information
  • Improve collaboration and feedback
  • Quickly create engaging content
  • Build a transparent culture